FAQs - Bowls Big Weekend


Frequently Asked Questions

Bowls is an uncomplicated sport, and we are keen to ensure that those who participate in our events can do so as easily as possible. This guidance document responds to some of the questions asked most frequently by players.

What is Bowls’ Big Weekend?

We are determined to make bowls truly accessible in order to increase participation in our sport. Bowls’ Big Weekend is the focal point of our work nationally to promote our sport and give new people the opportunity to have a go, as bowls clubs across the country open their doors for free over bank holiday weekend (24th – 27th May)

When is Bowls’ Big Weekend?

This year Bowls’ Big Weekend will run from Friday 24th May to Monday 27th May. The inclusion of the Bank Holiday (Monday 27th May) will provide clubs with greater flexibility to arrange their event and benefit from the national marketing campaign.

How many people can we expect to come along to our Bowls’ Big Weekend event?

In 2023, more than 30 people attended each open day. We are confident that demand will be even higher in 2024 as we build on the positive promotion of our sport.

How does my club sign-up to take part?

All you need to do is complete our simple form with details about your club, and when you would like to host your Bowls’ Big Weekend event. Follow the link below:

Click here to sign up now!

What marketing materials will be available and when will my club be able to access them?

When you register, you will receive our club guide, as well as information on available webinars we are running.

We will provide you with a digital platform where you can download social media graphics, poster & flyer templates, and also order more printed marketing material if required. This will be available to clubs soon.

Ahead of the event, you will also receive a club resources pack. These will be sent out to the addresses provided from early April, once club sign up has closed.


My club could use guidance in planning our Bowls’ Big Weekend event, is there further support available?

We are hosting a number of webinars in support of clubs.

All clubs who register an event will have the opportunity to book a free place on these webinars. Recordings will also be available to view online for those unable to make any of the dates.

To book on please visit bowlsdevelopmentalliance.com/education/ 

Can we run more than one Bowls’ Big Weekend event?

We encourage you to give some thought to days/times that your club can put aside to welcome new participants. In particular, feedback has shown that the most successful clubs have generally concentrated effort on a single event during the period rather than spreading their resources across the four days.

We have an open day arranged but it’s not during these dates, can we still sign up?

Only clubs running an event during Bowls’ Big Weekend should sign up on this website as our national marketing and promotional material will focus on the event. Generic recruitment material will be available as part of our wider club offer for those clubs who wish to organise recruitments events at other times of the season.

I want to know if a club can cater for my accessibility requirements?

As part of the registration search, please click on the pin icon to view the clubs accessibilities.