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Frequently Asked Questions

Bowls is an uncomplicated sport, and we are keen to ensure that those who participate in our events can do so as easily as possible. This guidance document responds to some of the questions asked most frequently by players.

What marketing materials will be available and when will my club be able to access them?

There will be a range of digital posters available for you to insert your club and event details on, in addition to posters and banners available for print. These will be available to you after you have registered your event in mid-April.

My club could use guidance in planning our Bowls’ Big Weekend event, is their further support available?

Courses will be available for clubs to book onto in partnership with the Bowls Development Alliance, including guidance on marketing and engaging your local community. We will also be sharing guides advising clubs on best practices for planning, delivering and following up on their Bowls’ Big Weekend event.

Can we run more than one Bowls’ Big Weekend event?

Yes! Having multiple options for people over the course of the weekend is a great way to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to attend. It also allows you to plan these flexibly around your clubs diary.

We have an open day arranged but it’s not during these dates, can we still sign up?

Yes. The majority of our marketing materials and digital advertising campaign will be aligned to Bowls’ Big Weekend, however, we want all of our affiliated clubs to be able benefit from the support available.

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