Kegworth BC: Fostering Year-Round Engagement through Bowls' Big Weekend - Bowls Big Weekend

Kegworth BC: Fostering Year-Round Engagement through Bowls’ Big Weekend

Kegworth Bowls Club, nestled in a village in Leicestershire, understands the importance of year-round activity in fostering a vibrant culture. Leveraging the national campaign of Bowls’ Big Weekend, the club put their effort into promoting its event through village newsletters, posters, social media, and its website. This result was a promising turnout of newcomers, with eight individuals trying their hand at bowls, two of whom decided to join the club.

What made Kegworth’s outreach effective was its continuation beyond the weekend. By offering introductory bowls sessions and games like target mats and plastic cricket, they provided a glimpse into the inclusive and entertaining nature of the sport. Additionally, free tea and coffee created a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging attendees to connect and see themselves as part of the club’s community.

Building on the momentum of Bowls’ Big Weekend, Kegworth Bowls Club hosted an open day event in April, employing a similar promotional strategy. This time, they attracted a crowd of 24 newcomers, with 16 becoming members. This success underscores the enduring appeal and growth potential of bowls utilising the platform of Bowls’ Big Weekend.



By offering a welcoming environment, accessible sessions, and opportunities for social interaction, clubs like Kegworth can transform interest into an enduring passion for bowls.

As Bowls’ Big Weekend approaches once again, Kegworth Bowls Club stands as a testament to the power of community engagement in fostering year-round activity.

Bowls’ Big Weekend is Bowls England’s national event, from Friday 24th – Monday 27th May, to open doors to the sport for free, right across the country, with thousands of players trying the game for the very first time, or returning to clubs after time away.

If you would like to sign up your club for the 2024 Bowls’ Big Weekend, follow the link below: