New to bowls? - Bowls Big Weekend

New to bowls?

We believe everybody should realize the joy and benefit of playing sport, and there are so many reasons why should be the game that you consider. Here are our top 5 reasons to give bowls a try: 

1. Playing bowls is very doable.

Whatever your physique, bowls is a sport for everybody, and it will help improve your fitness levels and mental wellbeing.

2. Bowls is not expensive.

To get going you don’t need lots of new kit and clubs put on taster sessions for free. Even when you get the bug, a set of bowls and joining a club can cost as little as £90. 

3. After football, bowls has the second highest number of clubs in the country.

With so many places to play, it’ll take no time at all to get to a bowls club close to your home.

4. Compared to most sports, age and gender differences have less of an effect on a game of bowls.

So it’s a perfect sport to spend time and enjoy a bit of friendly competition with your family.

5. Bowls clubs are sociable places full of people looking to have fun.

Making bowls a great way to relax, make new friends and feel part of your local community. 

So, thinking of giving it a go? Well, here’s so of the lingo to get you ahead of the game… 

Backhand | When (for a right-handed player) the bowl is delivered so the curve of the bowl is from the left to right.  

Bias | The shape of the bowl which causes it to curve. 

Delivery | The moment the bowl leaves the hand. 

Ditch | The gully around the green. If a bowl ends up in the ditch and it is not a ‘toucher’ then it doesn’t count. 

Draw | A bowl delivered at the correct weight, and with correct line, to arrive exactly where you want. 

End | The sequence of play from the moment the mat is placed down until all bowls have been delivered and you know who has won. A bit like a game in tennis!  

Foot fault | If you don’t deliver the bowl with part of your foot on or above the mat. 

Forehand | When (for the right-handed player) the bowl is delivered so that the curve of the bowl is from the right to left. 

Green | The total playing area. There are usually 6 rinks on each green. 

Jack | The little round target ball to which you’re trying to get your bowls closest. 

Mat | The rectangular shaped mat from which the bowler must deliver the jack and/or bowl. 

Pace of Weight | The amount of force with which the bowl is delivered to execute a particular shot. 

Rink | The rectangular strip of the green, between 4 and 6 metres wide, on which the game takes place. 

Stance | Position adopted on the mat prior to delivery.  

Shot | The bowl that is nearest the jack at any stage of play. 

Toucher | A bowl that hits the jack during its original course. This bowl still counts even if it ends up in the ditch. 

You can sign up to take part from 9th April – save the date!